JLC Group can supply solutions for the COVID-19 Pandemic

At JLC Group we can supply efficient solutions for commercial establishments in all business sectors.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our product range to help keep your establishments and businesses safe and secure, making sure that people’s health comes first. We offer multiple solutions to this, including customisable protective screens, thermal temperature control cameras, occupancy controls systems and much more.

These products will help support you adhere to the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19, as well as keeping customers safe with automated and intelligent detection systems. They will alert and regulate various measures such as customer counts or temperature monitoring in any specific area.

Personal health systems, like our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, allows for the safe and hygienic release of antibacterial hand gel, without having the effort of manually using your hands making it safer than regular manual hand sanitizers.

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Contracts Manager

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