One-way Security Corridors / Anti-walk-back

The Toran is a one-way corridor acting as a security gate that offers fluent pedestrian traffic in one direction, usually from a critical security area (arrivals hall) to a less secure area, (baggage reclaim etc).

Product details

The most important feature of our one-way security doors are the two interlocked doors that open automatically in the direction of traffic but, in the event of any movement in the opposite direction,
the alarm will activate and the automatic security door will close, preventing unauthorised movement.

We use a pedestrian direction detection system, which ensures the system is completely safe. The one-way door can be controlled locally or remotely and incorporates low energy interior and exterior LED lighting. The doors can be configured as a single or multiple corridor unit.

A popular application is use at the entrance or exit from a high security zone (e.g. a disembarking zone at an airport, after baggage reclaim etc.), to a less secure zone (e.g. baggage reclaim). The one-way doors meet the security requirements for airport security doors, and are also suitable for use at seaports, train stations and other locations.

Key features

  • Wrong Way detection (Left); If the pedestrian attempts to turn back inside the flow corridor, the entrance door closes.
  • Static Items detection (Right); If a user or left item remains inside the corridor for more than 8 seconds (configurable) the alarm is triggered and the entrance door closes until the corridor is cleared
  • Can be set up in a single mode or multiple mode in parallel, being a self-supporting device with an easy maintenance schedule.
  • This system offers considerable cost saving by replacing the need for a security officer to be present, but at the same time maintaining security


Our services

We offer a range of after-care packages covering the service, maintenance and repair of our entire range of products. Our engineers are also able to maintain, repair and provide support for a wide variety legacy systems.

JLC Group can also fully complete new installs of all the products we offer, without the need for use of subcontractors. Not only can we supply the required parts & labour to complete new installation projects, JLC Group also has the competence to act as principal contractor on sites with full CDM capabilities.

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