Airbar-Q for outdoor events and exhibitions

Nathalie Hayes

Contracts Manager

25 June 2021
At JLC Group we can supply various solutions to enable you to manage passenger flow within a range of different environments.

One of these solutions is the Airbar-Q barrier system. This system has been designed to connect to many different hardware systems and software applications such as people counting, queue management applications and remote-control triggers. It enables organisations to monitor and control the capacity of people allowed inside buildings, or areas within a building, at any time. More recently, with outdoor events exhibitions and activities starting to take place again, the Airbar-Q can be used to control traffic within these outdoor spaces, such as festivals, exhibitions, and public outdoor events.

The barrier itself is made from a flexible material, ensuring that there is no risk to customers whilst creating a visible and physical barrier. Other key features include an easy swap system in the event of damage, Green and Red Light feature on both sides of post, Crowd barrier attachments (belt & metal barriers),Wheeled system for easy charging and storage,12V battery system for full charge life of 30+ hours and a convenient Battery level meter to monitor system charge.

We have several demonstration units which can be tested on site or demonstrated in our offices, so if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us using the details below:


t: 0800 170 1515

w: Airbar-Q Barrier System | JLC Group (

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Nathalie Hayes

Contracts Manager

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