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With our range of Personal protection screens, Occupancy Control Systems, Automated door and entry systems, Body temperature monitoring equipment and Hand sanitisers, we are able to help you, your staff, visitors and customers protect themselves from Covid 19.

Our range of solutions can help to keep you and your customers safe

JLC Group can supply your Organisation with a range of solutions in order to keep your staff, customers and visitors safe.

We can supply access and safety solutions for any retail outlets including convenience shops, warehouses, supermarkets, offices and many many more.

Access to areas can be automated, where it is also possible to link entry to access control and/or touch free entry, including the ability to count people in and out of an area with perhaps restricted volumes.

The occupancy control system is an autonomous people-counting device based on stereoscopic vision that allows for the capacity of stores and premises to be controlled and managed simply and intelligently, and can be connected to work with automatic doors.

Our Occupancy Control system

Thanks to the technology used to develop this new switch, it is 98% reliable and is one of the safest in the market. Its main benefits include increased efficiency in occupancy control, automatic access control, and the possibility of real-time information thanks to its modular system, making it a non-invasive, effective solution that improves the user experience.

Our clear screens made are from PET-G (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which has great hardness and a good impact resistance. They can be manufactured to your exact specification. and also allow for good visual contact and interaction between staff and customers. The ‘G’ stands for glycol-modified which makes the resulting resin clearer and less brittle than raw PET.

Non-Contact Body temperature thermometers complete with digital readout, allows for safe, free from cross-infection usage and our hand sanitisers are ‘touch free’ and unique in being fitted with body temperature thermometers.

Our Temperature Measurement Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Our Retailer Solutions

Covid 19 Personal Protection Screens

Automated Door & Entry Systems

Blast Enhanced Automated Sliding Doors

Looking for a cost effective all electric delivery vehicle? The JLC City Van is perfect for zipping around and navigating in confined areas and is available as either a Flatbed or Box Style Van.

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