New Occupancy Control System available

Working in partnership with Manusa, at JLC we can offer an extensive range of products that will improve your customer experience and secure your safety.

Due to the troubling times we are currently in, we offer a highly efficient and reliable system that’s guaranteed to improve hygiene and wellness. Our ‘Occupancy Control System’ will enable you to indicate the number of people allowed on your premises. This assists in reducing the risk of crowds which helps provide people a safe and controlled environment to improve their shopping experience.

The system allows you to collect and save data once connected to an internet platform, whilst also respecting the anonymity of visitors. It also works in dark environments from 0 Lux, so that it continues to provide customers a feeling of wellness whilst on the premises.

The ‘Occupancy Controlled System’ can be situated through a fixed or portable physical installation. It’s a non-invasive system that provides automatic access to the establishment whilst also saving the essential cost of staff, as the system will monitor the amount of people entering and exiting the premises.

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