New Thermal Imaging Temperature Control system available

In partnership with Manusa, here at JLC we want to improve your customer experience whilst helping to reinforce the COVID-19 rules and regulations, making sure that you stay safe during these unsettling times.

Our ‘Thermal Imaging Temperature Control’ System has a swift, dependable and automatic fever detection solution based on thermal imaging to help alleviate the impact and severity of infections due to early deduction. If the monitoring tool detects someone with an abnormal body temperature, an alert is activated and the doors or the access control will react accordingly to the programmed actions at the customer’s request.

The solution itself is derived of 3 components;

  • A high precision infrared camera: that’s based on a high sensitivity cool detector. Allowing quick and accurate results in seconds.
  • A temperature reference device: that provides information controlled by a PID, to calibrate the camera in real time to achieve the best accuracy in each measurement.
  • A control and display PC: which has the software application installed.

The temperature is measured in the region vicinal to the lacrimal of each eye, because it’s the best visible area that has the most stable temperature as it’s always humidified. The temperature of each person is analysed and compared with the threshold specified above. If the person’s temperature is above the threshold, then an alarm is generated where action can then be taken.

All this provides a high reliability due to a real-time closed-loop calibration that’s fully automated, saving the extra manual staffing costs.

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