JLC instal another Alligator Cable Carrier at Heathrow Airport.

Jamie Hayes


31 October 2023
At JLC we are continuing to manufacture, install and commission a number of cable carrying Alligators for a regular client, British Airways.

The JLC designed and manufactured Alligator Cable Carrier is designed for one-man operation and allows for the quick, safe carriage of power output cables from the FEGP to the aircraft. The Alligator beams and integrated knuckles ensure the high voltage cables are protected during operation, thereby extending cable life.

Available in 3m beam modules up to 30m, with either one or two 90kVA output(s). Combinations of 2m and 4m beam modules are offered, upon request.

Manufacturing in-house provides several advantages for us, as it allows to greater control over the process and ensures the quality of our products.

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