JLC Group offer Thermal Body Temperature Control Systems

JLC Group can provide valuable solutions to help your businesses stay safe during these troubling times.

With health and safety still being of utmost importance during the pandemic, JLC can offer various COVID-19 solutions to help keep your establishments secure and sanitary. We know how important it is to keep businesses open and we strive to ensure that every customer feels secure and has a sense of wellbeing.

Our Thermal body temperature control system has been developed to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 by reducing the number of infections due to early detection. The thermal camera has an automatic monitoring system, detecting and warning people of abnormal body temperature. If an alert has been made the doors or the access control can react accordingly to the programmed action at your request.

The temperature of the person is measured in the region beside the lacrimal of each eye as it’s the visible area that has the most stable temperature. If the temperature of the person is above the recommended threshold, an alarm will sound and will react accordingly to procedure.

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