JLC Group Electric Vehicle Conversion of a classic 1990's Mini Cooper

JLC Group are expanding our range of electric vehicles and using our extensive skills to experience and embark on new challenges and projects.

JLC are branching into the realms of EV conversions, and we already have progress on a classic 1990's Mini Cooper. The works we have already started to complete, following an initial strip down, include an upgraded suspension set up, a new sub frame mounted harness for the electric motor drive train to reside and the boot area has been cut out to enable us to install our custom-made battery compartment.

Not only do we offer a cost-effective range of electric vehicles already, offering solutions to a wide range of commercial sectors, we are branching into the realms of EV conversions.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project contact us today on:

T: 0800 170 1515

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