JLC Group continues to provide you with safety and well-being through these troubling times

JLC Group continue to provide you with safe and hygienic solutions through the current pandemic.

Some of our Solutions include; protective screens to ensure the safety of not only customers but workers as well, automated occupancy control systems to assist in the traffic of customers entering and exiting your establishments, touch-free switches which allow you to access into places without having to manually open doors, and much more.

Our protective screens have been used in various airports to secure wellbeing and public health. They’re fully customizable and are suitable for information desks, reception areas, check in, boarding, etc. They’re of high stiffness, hardness and provide good impact resistance. It also allows for good visual contact and interaction between individuals since they’re made of a clear material.

Contact us today, to help keep your establishments secure and hygienic for both workers and customers.

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