JLC Group can provide various automated door solutions

We can supply and install everything required to keep your premises safe and secure from blast enhanced sliding doors, to automatic sliding doors and shutters.

At JLC Group we have continued to provide service and maintenance support to our existing customers. We have been on site this week at a major London Airport, continuing to respond to callouts and routine maintenance on automatic doors and barriers.

Our automated doors are perfect for various sectors including airports, national infrastructures, pleasure parks, commercial buildings, and private accommodation. Every automated door can be manufactured and installed to specific needs, making sure that areas always remain accessible and secure.

We can also provide a range of services to help your businesses become more DDA compliant, as doors can be fitted with a delayed action feature to help slow the closing cycle of the door allowing extra time for passage through the doorway. Doors can be operated to open outwards to enable access to toilet entry points. Safety sensors ensure automatic doors cannot open or close if obstructed and all automatic door operators can be fitted with a fail-safe system that automatically opens or closes the door in an event of a power failure.

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