JLC Group can provide a range of solutions for businesses following the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world begins to open gradually, and Businesses begin to invite and accommodate their customers again, here at JLC Group we can provide a range of solutions to help keep your organisations safe for all.

We can supply a variety of products for all sectors to help keep all areas safe for staff, visitors, and customers. We can supply and service Occupancy control systems that help count and manage the number of customers allowed inside the premises at a time. Alongside this we can offer a wireless and free-standing barrier system, which will enable an efficient and controlled queuing system.

To protect your front-line staff against any risk, we can also manufacture fully customisable personal protection screens, allowing safety on your premises and mitigating any risks concerned with Covid-19. Our Personal Protection Screens are clear and made with a strong, durable, and long-lasting material, making sure they continue to stay in place. They’re also perfect for good visual contact and interaction between individuals.

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