We can provide 24/7 service and maintenance for all our products

At JLC Group we are continuing to support our customers by responding to callouts in a quick and efficient manner, making sure their assets continue to run to full capacity.

We recently attended site for one of our UK clients, to carry out service works on their AXA Power Units. We can offer various service and maintenance packages that can be beneficial for your assets, including a 24/7 call out support option for all our product range, enabling you to continue operating at full efficiency.

Now the UK is slowly emerging from lockdown, and many organisations are returning to work and gradually seeing more traffic, you can contact us to find out how we can support your organisation in a multitude of ways. We can also offer a wide range of solutions that can help keep your employees and customers safe and secure, such as automated doors, access control, occupancy control systems, queuing solutions and many more.

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Nathalie Hayes

Contracts Manager

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