JLC Group can supply and maintain Ground Power Units

At JLC Group we can supply and maintain a complete range of solid-state, diesel driven and battery powered Ground Power Units (GPU), from 400Hz frequency converters to 28V DC GPU’s.

We are the authorised commissioning, installation & service partner in the UK for ITW GSE and our engineers are qualified to install and maintain the equipment to enable optimal performance. We offer an ITW GSE 2400 compact GPU – frequency convertor, an ITW GSE 1400 solid-state 28VDC GPU and an ITW GSE 7400 eGPU. The ITW 2400 is perfect for all types of aircraft including A380, A350 and B787.

The ITW GSE 2400 Compact GPU has up to 400% standard overload which makes the unit future-proof and is ITW’s most common user interface. It has easy access for cable connections and vital components, availability in static or mobile version allowing it to be moved around to user’s preference.

Not only can we supply and install the equipment , we can also provide after-care packages to help keep the service and maintenance of the equipment up to date and running to its full efficiency. Our engineers can maintain, repair, and provide support for all GPU’s.

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