JLC Automatic Hand Sanitisers and Touch-Free Switches

JLC group can supply a range of automatic hand sanitisers and touchless switches, safe for your workplace and establishments - protecting you in the current pandemic

The Automatic Hand Sanitisers are simple to operate, having to only put your hand underneath the sensor for a clean and neat auto-dispense, allowing you to avoid cross infection without having to touch the dispenser. It’s easy to install and is battery operated – no mains are required. The dispenser will notify via alarm and lights when the temperature of a user is high. They are free-standing, sleek and compact, perfect for COVID-19 and General Health Solution.

The Touch-Free Switches will allow you access into any establishment without having to manually open the door, protecting your health and those around you. It’s a hygienic and sanitary door activation system and is versatile to all working environments. It’s simple to install and has a low power consumption, available in a plastic or stainless-steel material.

Contact us today to help keep your own health and others stay safe, as well as keeping workplaces and establishments secure.

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