JLC Anti-Walk Back Door

JLC Group have partnered up with Manusa to supply a Toran Anti-Walk Back Door that automatically opens in the direction of traffic, providing you with the up-most security.

The Anti-Walk Back Door monitors the direction pedestrians are walking and will activate an alarm if it senses any movement in the opposite direction. The Anti-Walk back door is one-way system allowing access into establishments and airports ensuring that the safety of passengers or customers are safe.

A popular application is the use of it being at the entrance or exit from a high security zone (e.g., A disembarking zone at an airport, after baggage reclaim), to a less secure zone. If a pedestrian attempts to turn back inside the flow corridor, the entrance door closes and an alarm will be triggered. It also detects if a user or left item remains inside the corridor for more than 8 seconds, closing the entrance door until the pathway has been cleared.

The system offers considerable cost saving, by replacing the need for a security officer to be present, but at the same time it maintains security.

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