7.5 metre personal protection screen reception desk installed at RAF Northolt

Slade Burch

Operations Director

14 September 2020
Is your business ready for increased volume of customers? Take a look at this 7.5 metre personal protection screen, built and installed by our engineers on the reception desk at RAF Northolt.

JLC's personal protection screens are the perfect solution for information desks, check-in desks, boarding desks, retail, shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, reception areas and any other outlets that need to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Our screens are made from PET-G, which has high stiffness, hardness and toughness, as well as good impact strength. They are robust and built to last.

We can work with you to meet your required configurations, contact us today for a discussion and more details.

Nathalie Hayes

Contracts Manager

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