GPS Tracking

JLC Group can supply individuals or businesses with a tracking solution for their vehicle or fleet, offering a complete view of status and locations.

Product details

View the real-time location of your drivers anytime and hold every driver in your fleet accountable with easy to understand reports on vehicle maintenance, speed violations, mileage and driver performance.

The platform can be accessed via web page or mobile app. The web page is straightforward, simple and convenient to use and incorporates the latest technology. It is suitable for any web browser.

For a one off installation charge and monthly fee per tracker, you can feel confident your vehicle or fleet is in safe hands.

Key features

  • Real-Time Monitoring : Monitor and track vehicles in real-time through a web browser or mobile app
  • Push Notifications – Receive immediate notification when a vehicle enters or leaves a GEO-fence area or sudden acceleration
  • GEO-Fence – A geographical area can be set and a notification received when a vehicle enters or leaves the designated zone
  • Playback – When required all vehicle activity can be played back for review
  • Overspeed Alarm – When the vehicle exceeds the set speed limited a notification can be received

Our services

We offer a range of after-care packages covering the service, maintenance and repair of our entire range of products. Our engineers are also able to maintain, repair and provide support for a wide variety legacy systems.

JLC Group can also fully complete new installs of all the products we offer, without the need for use of subcontractors. Not only can we supply the required parts & labour to complete new installation projects, JLC Group also has the competence to act as principal contractor on sites with full CDM capabilities.

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